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Roughnecks MC

“The horse ridden doesn’t make the rider.
It’s the rider that makes the horse ridden!”

Welcome to the official web site of the Roughnecks MC. Our club is a brotherhood of active and retired Law Enforcement and Public Safety Personnel. We all risk our lives and serve our communities in one way or another.

The Roughnecks MC is a club consisting of American and Metric Cruisers with 500+ CC engines. We all live by Old School values and the rule of the Wild West Lawman!

We live and ride for the wind in our face and the tight bond of brotherhood amongst those of us who risk our lives protecting and serving our communities.

We RESPECT ALL colors and clubs, so we expect the SAME. Learn about our club and our colors here.

We are a non-profit social organization and are continually looking for sponsors to help us in our efforts. If you would like to help us, contact us and show your support of our local charities!

Roughnecks MC
The Roughnecks Motorcycle Club is a 99% club! Which means… for those of you who don’t know... We represent the 99 percent of the population that cares about society and the laws that govern the world we live in. We are not Outlaw! We are Lawmen: Respecting All & Fearing None!
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